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Our Director of Architecture. Wanda E. Díaz

Our team of professionals has great capacity and experience in the management and development of architecture, engineering, supervision, construction and comprehensive services projects.

High standards projects

Our team of architects and our team of highly professional associate engineers guarantee you not only a high quality design, but also an in-depth construction inspection process, in order to ensure that our designs are executed to the highest standards.

Our Director of Architecture. Wanda Díaz Master Degree
Wanda Díaz

General data:
Academic level: Degree obtained: Professional area: Experience:
Academic training .Degree, Postgraduate, Master Architect
Architecture, Construction + other areas 10 or more years of experience
Bachelor of Science and Letters; College of the Apostolate of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 1882. Title, Architect. Pedro Henriquez Ureña National University, UNPHU. 1882-1987 Computing
Office, Autocad 2D, 3D Studio Max.
Courses and seminars Neurolinguistic programming, Lic. Nancy Alvarez. Diploma in Construction Administration, Quality Bussines School, 2013.Green Roof Design. CAD. 2019. Valdivieso and Ararat. Online course. CAD certified. Vertical garden design. CAD, Valdivieso and Ararat Bioconstruccion. 07/2020